Ark Patrol teams up with SEB for arousing single “FOLN4U”


They have had different musical careers thus far, but intrinsically, the music of Ark Patrol and SEB has the same intent – to get people to feel. After releasing his debut album, Voyager, in 2014, Ark Patrol has been shaking up pop culture. His 2016 single “Let Go” went viral, while his hit dance track “Hex” has been featured in HBO’s Euphoria. Ark Patrol’s bigger projects have also been doing well, with 2019’s self-titled album bringing fans his most vulnerable songs to date and his latest EP, G, kickstarting the rollout of a new EP and upcoming album due out later this year. Meanwhile, SEB has had recent success with his singles, starting with his debut single, “Boys Don’t Cry,” in 2020. The following year, he released “seaside_demo,” which racked up over millions of streams in two months. Fans go crazy for his genre-bending sound, sending newer singles like “loving u is harder” and “f**k it, i’m the man” into the millions for streams as well.

Joining forces for “FOLN4U” from Ark Patrol’s upcoming EP, E, SEB and Ark Patrol usher us into a ‘situationship.’ Throughout the track, we hear a lively house beat, driving bass, and a fleeting vocal sample of the track title that punctuates the crisp drum lines and drives the narrative along. All the while, SEB delivers sexy lines like, “God damn / I love it when you touch me / I love it when you text / I love it when you want me bad,” hoping to transform the situationship into something real. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “FOLN4U,” SEB explains,

“‘FOLN4U’ is about that in-between stage of a relationship that started as purely physical to then dealing with the emotional attachment that comes after. You’re actively fighting feelings of heartbreak from knowing this person will never commit, but physically, you can’t stop giving yourself to them.”

You can listen to “FOLN4U” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Ark Patrol’s upcoming EP, E, will be released June 21.

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