SHIRA comes into her own with “LA LA LA”


The past year has brought a lot of change for SHIRA.  Between the pandemic and moving from Australia to the United States, the singer and music producer had her work cut out for her.  There was more than plenty to navigate, but she did not let life get in the way of her music, her voice.  With her fourth single of 2021, it is clear that SHIRA is just getting started.

On “LA LA LA,” SHIRA taps into the EDM and alternative rock world, channeling artists like Rezz and Grimes.  Using her fine mixing and mastering skills, SHIRA combines a striking piano melody with the electricity of house music to create her first of several midtempo tracks that will be released this year.  Complete with her delicate vocals, which are creatively dispersed throughout, the track takes on a beautiful and haunting quality that sets it apart from her previous work.

SHIRA explains, “My music taste is slowly shifting towards a more electronic, heavily processed sound because of what my partner enjoys to listen to.  I still try to include more natural sounding instruments, just as the piano in ‘LA LA LA,’ as a reminder of where the root, the heart of the harmony is.”  Overall, this is a step in the right direction for SHIRA, and makes us all the more interested to see where this new path will lead her.

You can listen to “LA LA LA” on Spotify and YouTube.

Keep up with SHIRA:  Instagram // Twitter // TikTok



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