PVRIS release empowering new anthem ‘My Way’



PVRIS are back with yet another banger, just shortly after releasing “Monster”. PVRIS are just coming off of their touring cycle for the Use Me era and are ready to jump into the next era with this new catchy and confident song. PVRIS’ front woman Lynn Gunn has confidently taken center stage as the sole architect of all of PVRIS’ creative content. In this past era she has written, and played the guitar, drums, and bass parts, cooked up beats, and of course, sang vocals on each track of Use Me as well as “Monster” and “My Way”. They even recently did a song with League of Legends called “Burn it All Down” which is an absolute banger.

“My Way” is brilliant song and you’ll definitely have it on repeat for days, it’s just that catchy. The synths and guitar throughout the chorus really drive the song and give it that extra PVRIS punch. Lynn absolutely shreds on the guitar on this track, as she does so well on every PVRIS song.

The new single echoes that sentiment of growth, as Lynn states, “‘My Way’ is a song about accepting and embracing the trials and tribulations of the past, present, and future. It’s about facing the pain, loss, hard times, and hard decisions while finding empowerment and humility (and a sprinkle of humor) through it all. Life always pushes us toward great change and growth. When we stop fighting it and flow with it, we offer ourselves, and others, so much more. Whatever way it takes us, our paths are all so uniquely our own. You have your way and I have my way.”


It’s a personal and empowering song that not only means something to Lynn but will surely mean something to those who listen and really take the lyrics in. PVRIS are always such amazing storytellers and make music that is raw, emotional, and catchy. No wonder they have such a devoted fanbase. We can’t get enough of the new song, be sure to check out the music video to it below!

Check out the music video to “My Way”


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