Theo Kandel releases feel-good “The Painters” just in time for summer


Weather-wise, summer is starting to set in. The temperatures are warming up, either begging us to come outside and bask in the sun or stay inside and cool off. Besides the weather, however, the summer is also setting in musically, as artists are releasing those feel-good bops that are perfect for these longer days and shorter nights. One of these artists is Theo Kandel, the LA-based singer-songwriter who creates “music that sounds so good, you can almost taste it!” as previously described on his website. He is gearing up to release his upcoming debut album, EATING & DRINKING & BEING IN LOVE, which screams summer from its title alone. As he drops “The Painters” from the album, Theo treats us to the splendors of the season and the tasty music that he is known for all at once.

A fun-loving summer anthem, “The Painters” will encourage you to gather your friends and live it up. Its cheerful strumming, feel-good melodies, and groovy riffs are impossible to ignore, instantly eradicating any dismal thoughts or cloudy feelings. Wholesome and quaint, the lyrics match the spirit of the music, describing the high of taking control and painting your own story with those you love. With chipper vocals, Theo sings, “You quit your job and I’ll win the lotto / You drive today and I’ll drive tomorrow / Wherever you go, you know I’ll follow” and “We can paint our picture in a thousand ways,” open to life’s possibilities.

Telling us more about “The Painters,” Theo explains,

“We wanted to make something that would pay homage to the feel-good music of past decades (70s, 90s, perhaps) while still rooting itself firmly in the modern age. It’s a song for driving down the coast with the windows down, then finding a spot on the beach and cracking open a nice cold beer. It’s romantic, a bit cheesy, and totally aware of itself. I wanted the music video to feel just like that. I loved How I Met Your Mother growing up, and one of my favorite scenes is the two-minute date that Ted takes Stella on. I like to think our music video is an homage to that – to young love and sweaty summer days.”

You can listen to “The Painters” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Theo’s debut album, EATING & DRINKING & BEING IN LOVE arrives September 20. About the album, he shares,

“When I’m writing songs, I need something visceral and tangible to sink my teeth into. ‘EATING & DRINKING & BEING IN LOVE’ is about time spent with important people in my life, and knowing that even a slice of that can be significant—even if it goes explicitly unsaid.”

Catch Theo on tour here.

Keep up with Theo Kandel: Instagram // X // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website

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