Ski Team says “Thank You, Jalen Brunson” of the NY Knicks


States in the United States collide — from the mention of New York to New Jersey — in Brooklyn-based artist Ski Team. A moniker for indie-pop singer-songwriter Lucie Lozinski is left in a dreamy atmosphere sent against Ski Team’s soft vocals with “Thank You, Jalen Brunson.” Inspired by the New York Knicks, her latest single celebrates the team after the first week of the playoffs, where she sings, “Thank you, Jalen Brunson.”

Ski Team has been watching the Knicks all season, following Brunson’s career; Brunson is a point guard for the Knicks. In the song, after thinking about the player, she sings, “All our exes our big fans / And I am too.”

“My hope is to hear this song coming out of car windows or parks in and around New York City this playoffs season and for years to come. I’m also officially rescinding my previous song’s claim that the ‘Knicks Suck’. They no longer do.”

Ski Team’s “Thank You, Jalen Brunson” is a fun, uplifting ode to both the New York Knicks and Brunson, capturing the spirit of fandom and the excitement of the playoffs.

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Clare Gehlich
Clare Gehlich
Clare is a recent Stony Brook University graduate, holding a BA in Journalism. She was a journalism intern at Melodic for the spring 2024 semester and currently serves as the album coordinator and is a freelance writer for the magazine.

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