Huebline’s “Special” feels like driving down the freeway with the windows down


Huebline - "Special"

Huebline, the 26-year-old artist hailing from Simsbury, CT, crafts music that resonates with the warmth of a July evening, where the airing is liberating as you drive down the freeway with the windows down. Huebline’s voice is smooth and feels like carefree joy, as their latest single “Special” evokes a sense of happiness and excitement. 

Dance-inspired track “Special” is the first single from Huebline’s upcoming EP “do we bleed enough?”, which explores the human tendencies toward feeling special. It considers how we often think the most of ourselves even though we suffer through various injustices.

As Huebline sings, “I’m having fun in my head,” there’s a sense of introspection but imagination that comes with what they are singing. The song captures vibrant hues, as depicted when singing, “The sky is turning pink and my eyes — yellow.” This shows the contrasting color palette that not only paints a picture but also serves as a metaphor for Huebline’s emotional state throughout the track and how it pivots. At first, “yellow” evokes a sense of wonder, adding a depth and complexity to the bright track.

Huebline wears many hats, showcasing talents as a guitar player, singer, lyricist, as well as producer, allowing them to create a unique musical landscape that is uniquely introspective and fun at the same time. “Special” allows the 26-year-old singer to capture the essence of their journey from Simsbury to Los Angeles in this smooth new track.

Keep up with Huebline: Instagram // Spotify // YouTube


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