Weekly Roundup: March 18


Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Haiden Henderson – “hell of a good time” In discussing the inspiration behind the track, Haiden reveals his desire to merge the worlds of pop and rock, resulting in a sound that is uniquely his own. This single not only marks a new chapter in his musical journey but also serves as the debut of his full artist project, Haiden Henderson. By adding his last name to his artist moniker, he signals a newfound sense of identity and self-discovery.
– Victoria Goodwin


Movie Night – “Addicted” The track unfolds as a haunting electro-rock ballad, narrating the journey of succumbing to a vice that gradually consumes every aspect of one’s life. From the first encounter to the relentless grip of addiction, “Addicted” portrays a narrative easily relatable.
– Laury Verdoux


Faunea – “Forever” “I wrote ‘Forever’ at a moment in my life when I truly felt like I had found myself and my purpose. I reflect on my journey to break free from the confining boxes of societal expectations that had held me back from discovering myself… Singing ‘Forever’ is my way of expressing a constant inner wish: that I’ll never lose the willpower and courage to believe in myself.”
– Brittany Muldoon


Limón Limón x Scoobert Doobert – “Hello” From the start, the track’s chorused out guitars and crispy drums create a laid-back atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and setting a relaxed energy. The vocals effortlessly complement the warm production, weaving heartfelt lyrics with sincerity and charm.
– Kobe Henderson


Hear the rest of our staff picks on the playlist!


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