Movie Night is “Addicted” in new electro-rock ballad


New York City’s pop/rock trio, Movie Night, is back with a bang, presenting their latest release, “Addicted”. Formerly known as Running Lights, the band has undergone a complete transformation, introducing audiences to a fresh sound. Comprising Mike Squillante on guitar and vocals, Nick Squillante on keys, and Steve Ranellone on drums, Movie Night has firmly established itself within the music scene, boasting an impressive portfolio of sold-out shows and collaborations with industry giants.

With “Addicted”, Movie Night delves into the intricacies of obsession and temptation over a forbidden lover. The track unfolds as a haunting electro-rock ballad, narrating the journey of succumbing to a vice that gradually consumes every aspect of one’s life. From the first encounter to the relentless grip of addiction, “Addicted” portrays a narrative easily relatable.

As the lyrics unravel the descent into obsession, themes of jealousy and paranoia emerge, painting a vivid picture of emotional turmoil. Each note reverberates with intensity, mirroring the inner conflict faced by the protagonist as they grapple with the consequences of their actions.

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