Joey Burbarch shares message of hope with new single “200 Emails”


Joey Burbarch is an independent sound maker and word writer with a story to tell. His latest release, “200 Emails”, not only tells his journey in the music industry but serves as a pop anthem for the frustrated creative minds tirelessly pursuing their dreams.

Burbarch’s journey is not one of overnight success but of perseverance in the face of uncertainty. With “200 Emails”, he shares his own struggles and triumphs in the pursuit of his passion for music and words. The song resonates with anyone who has ever felt the sting of rejection or the crushing weight of self-doubt while striving for their goals.

When I wrote this song, I was close to giving up on music and going back to the corporate world,” Burbarch shares. It’s a feeling that many artists and creatives can relate to, that despite pouring their heart and soul into their art, the breakthrough they yearn for remains elusive. Just one month after writing “200 Emails”, the artist was offered a publishing deal with Warner Chappell, a life-changing opportunity that allowed him to continue pursuing his dreams full-time and even relocate to Los Angeles. It’s a remarkable turn of events that underscores the message of hope and inspiration at the heart of the song.

Indeed, “200 Emails” is a reminder that success often comes when it’s least expected, and that perseverance in the face of adversity can lead to extraordinary opportunities.

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