Loose Buttons Shares A Dive into Perfection and Pretension with “I Saw Jon Hamm At The Beach”


Loose Buttons have become synonymous with New York’s vibrant music scene. Hailed as the “best guitar-pop band” by Stereogum and dubbed a “new artist we’re going mad for” by NME, the members are ready to kick 2024 off with their new release, “I Saw Jon Hamm At The Beach“.

This new single promises not only the infectious guitar-pop sound that fans adore but also a deeper exploration into the complexities of chasing perfection. The inspiration behind the track is a playful recounting of a real-life encounter with the iconic Don Draper but delves deeper into the theme of chasing perfection. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of lead singer Eric Nizgretsky‘s experience, blending humor with introspection. Lines like “I am so in love with the man I should have been” and “Balancing between I’m getting far, I’m getting farther” reflect the universal struggle of reconciling self-perception with societal expectations.

Overall, the song’s lyrics capture the essence of the struggle to maintain authenticity in a world that often demands perfection. The mention of “pretending all the time” and the recurring theme of forgetting how to act resonate with the pressure we all feel at some point to conform to societal norms.

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