Exploring Identity and Desire: A Captivating Journey with a kid named rufus and ‘How Sweet Does This Sound’


In their latest release, “how sweet does this sound”, Malaysian-born artist a kid named rufus continues to explore the realms of alt-pop and indie-pop with their distinct musical style. Building upon the success of their debut EP graduation, rufus delivers a captivating and emotionally charged track that showcases their growth as a musician and songwriter.

With a production that expertly combines elements of indie-pop and nostalgic aesthetics, “how sweet does this sound” immediately pushes the boundaries of traditional indie-pop, balancing the comfort of familiarity with the excitement of the unknown. The lyrics delve into themes of love, desire, and power dynamics, capturing the complexities of relationships and self-discovery.

a kid named rufus explores the dynamics of control, dominance, and vulnerability, revealing a narrative of exploration and self-expression. The powerful lines, such as “How sweet does it sound when you call me a whore? How sweet does it sound when I call you a good girl?“, challenge societal norms and confront the listener with provocative imagery.

While “how sweet does this sound” stands as a remarkable single on its own, it also serves as a glimpse into a kid named rufus’ forthcoming debut album, whatever works, set to release July 14th. The album promises to be a vibrant and thought-provoking collection of songs, touching on various themes such as queerness, identity, love, and personal growth.

As a queer, non-binary musician and immigrant, a kid named rufus brings a unique perspective to their music that is both relatable and empowering. Through their artistic endeavors, they aim to break down barriers and pave the way for underrepresented voices in the industry. Their music serves as a testament to the power of self-expression and the beauty of embracing one’s true identity.

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