Imogen Valentine Unleashes Angsty Empowerment with “Expiration Day”


Emerging artist Imogen Valentine is carving her niche with a sound that’s both reminiscent and refreshingly original. As she gears up for the release of her second single, “Expiration Day“, anticipation is building for the arrival of her upcoming EP.

“Expiration Day” is a celebratory dive into grunge pop, adorned with the infectious energy of the ’90s. With Dave Grohl-inspired drums setting the rhythm, Imogen Valentine infuses the track with a tongue-in-cheek writing style that provides a space for listeners to embrace their angst and be unapologetically themselves. This single is a declaration of independence, a rebellion against relationships that no longer serve.

At its core, “Expiration Day” is an anthem that fearlessly tackles the act of cutting off relationships that have run their course. Imogen’s vocals, reminiscent of pop icons, serve as a powerful vehicle for the raw emotion embedded in the lyrics. The track builds on the euphoria of shedding toxic connections, urging listeners to embrace their own power and move forward.

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