Cordelia Gartside unveils raw emotions with new single “27”


In a powerful fusion of Ryan Adams’ emotive storytelling and Julia Jacklin’s soulful intensity, UK-based Cordelia Gartside drops a musical bomb with her latest release, “27“. Produced by Sean Woodlock, the mastermind behind The Comet is Coming and Cinematic Orchestra, this anthemic single fearlessly confronts the uncontrollable aspects of life and our past.

“27” kicks off with a rebellious spirit, a middle finger to the injustices life throws our way. The track weaves together 80s synths, overdrive distortion and husky vocals creating an indie pop-rock anthem. True to Cordelia Gartside’s signature style, the lyrics of “27” read like poignant short stories, delving into the harsh realities of life.

The inspiration for this track struck the singer during a visit to her teenage hometown.  Exploring the complex emotions that surface when revisiting one’s past, the song navigates through wry nostalgia mixed with a tinge of disgust. As the song progresses, these sentiments expand to encompass the unfairness of unexamined trauma.

The song feels like a cathartic journey through the raw emotions of decay, pain, and confronting an unalterable past.

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