FNKHOUSER unveils resonant anthem for mental health acceptance with “I Feel Fine”


Although FNKHOUSER may be a new name to some, its members bring a wealth of experience to the table. The band’s origins can be traced back to the widely known rock act, Bridge To Grace. Having once toured the country as part of the renowned group, FNKHOUSER’s members are no strangers to the dynamics of the music industry. However, they’ve chosen to blaze a new trail and unveil a distinct sound to the world.

FNKHOUSER’s latest offering, “I Feel Fine“, is an alternative rock song with a compelling message that tackles mental health from a refreshingly honest perspective. The track invites listeners into a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, encouraging them to acknowledge their emotional complexities, including feeling lost, depressed, sad, anxious, and struggling.

The song’s frenetic rock energy serves as a powerful backdrop to the lyrics, emphasizing the importance of being comfortable with one’s inner struggles. In a world that often encourages the suppression of negative emotions, “I Feel Fine” is a poignant reminder that it’s perfectly okay to admit when you’re not okay. The track emphasizes the significance of embracing these emotions as part of one’s journey toward self-acceptance and personal growth.

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