Anna-Sophie explores the intensity of falling deeply in love in her new single, “Breathe”


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Anna-Sophie is a talented pop singer-songwriter hailing from Styria, Austria. Drawing inspiration from her two grandmothers, Anna and Sophie, she has crafted a unique musical identity. With her exceptional skills as a multi-instrumentalist, particularly on the piano and guitar, Anna-Sophie composes her own songs. Her captivating and raspy voice has drawn comparisons to the likes of Halsey, making her a standout artist in the industry.

Anna-Sophie’s talent caught the attention of the Global Rockstar team back in 2019. Since then, she has experienced a wave of success, amassing a devoted fanbase. Currently, she is working on her highly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release in autumn 2023. Building on her previous successes, she aims to showcase her artistic growth and further captivate listeners with her distinct sound and heartfelt lyrics.

To keep her fans eagerly awaiting her album, the artist just released a title titled “Breathe“. The song explores the exhilaration and intensity of falling deeply in love. Anna-Sophie beautifully captures the mixture of excitement and fear that accompanies such an experience. In her own words, “We all know the state when you catch feelings for someone. The butterflies, the excitement, the craving for this person. And suddenly… you fall in love, you fall harder than you ever have before. Sounds magical, right? But maybe, you fall too hard. And sometimes it gets really scary. Sometimes you want to stop yourself from falling, but then this person is too exciting and you just dive right in.

Anna-Sophie has some exciting projects coming up so make sure you keep an eye on her.

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