Hologramme Releases Mesmerizing Journey into Emotional Electronica with ‘Slow’


Versatile Canadian producer and arranger, Hologramme, returned with the new single “Slow“. With a rich musical upbringing and an unquenchable thirst for artistic exploration, Hologramme’s music is a unique blend of dreamlike soundscapes, warm synths, intricate textures, and deep basslines.

From his debut album, “Felicity”, to his upcoming opus, “Soledad”, Hologramme has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music. With “Slow”, he takes an unexpected turn by unveiling his own voice, a vulnerable and deeply personal step.

“Slow” is a discordant and distorted electronic love story that reveals a side of Hologramme we’ve never seen before. This track is a departure from his previous focus on club environments, as he delves into the realm of raw emotion and sensitivity. The song’s journey begins with an atmospheric and nostalgic introduction, filled with modular synthesizers and plush soundscapes reminiscent of electronic luminaries like Tycho and Com Truise.

As the track progresses, Hologramme’s vocals emerge, infusing the song with a profound sense of vulnerability and authenticity. It’s an experimental and personal piece that showcases his willingness to push artistic boundaries. The bridge of the song marks a dramatic shift, introducing high-energy drums and an acid-like arp sequence that elevates the emotional intensity to new heights.

Hologramme’s artistic evolution has been a remarkable journey, from his early days of piano lessons, pushed by his parents, to his inspirational sojourn in Berlin in 2018. It was in the heart of the world’s electronic music capital that the artist embraced his artistic identity as Hologramme, culminating in his debut album, “Felicity”.

Now, with his third album, “Soledad”, just around the corner, Hologramme continues to redefine electronic music, incorporating singer-songwriter elements and exposing his vulnerability through his music.                                                                    

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