Join HAHA for a dynamic synth-pop journey with “Only Gets Better”


Credit: Wyndham Garnett

Introducing HAHA, the exciting new indie electro-pop duo comprised of Maria Taylor from Azure Ray and producer Mike Bloom, known for his work with Jenny Lewis, Julian Casablancas and Richard Edwards. With a shared history and a long-standing friendship, they’re ready to make a splash with their debut single, “Only Gets Better.”

“Only Gets Better” showcases HAHA’s venture into sleek and anthemic synth-pop, adorned with glittering synths, a sweeping pop chorus, and the energetic drumming of Pete Thomas, recognized for his work with iconic artists like Elvis Costello, Elliott Smith, and Lucinda Williams. It’s a fresh sound for both artists, fusing the essence of 80s nostalgia with the urgency of aughts indie rock.

The creation of this cohesive vision was a fortuitous accident born out of years of friendship. HAHA found themselves in an endless loop of inspiration, bouncing ideas off each other in a fevered frenzy. The songs took on lives of their own, evolving in ways they never could have anticipated on their own or with anyone else. “Only Gets Better” sparked the flame that ignited their creative process, making it the perfect choice for their debut release.

A mission statement for a potential future, a heartfelt tribute to the immediate past, and an urgent call for the present moment – this is how HAHA aptly describes their inaugural single. Written collaboratively by Taylor and Bloom, with the drumming prowess of Pete Thomas, and produced by Bloom himself, “Only Gets Better” sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting musical journey.

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