Heddy Edwards Shares Poetic Dive into Nostalgic Pop-Rock with “Black Tunnel”


Rising singer-songwriter Heddy Edwards is back with her fourth single, “Black Tunnel”. This cathartic release delves into the golden era of 90s alternative and shoegaze. It also marks Heddy’s first collaboration with producer Alan Day, renowned for his work as a part of Four Year Strong.

“Black Tunnel” seamlessly blends dreamy minimalism with sudden explosiveness, showcasing Edwards’ ethereal vocals and poetic lyricism. Based on personal experience, the track serves as a reflection on mental health struggles, depicting isolation and reconnecting with lost connections through dreams. The song’s shimmering verses contrast with its maximalist, shoegaze-tinged chorus, expressing anger and disillusionment.

The song’s pre-chorus is enhanced by a surprising and enjoyable use of vocoder on top of Heddy’s beautiful ethereal vocals. Towards the end of the track, a captivating solo guitar emerges, leaving us yearning for the song to continue a little bit longer.

Drawing inspiration from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and musical influences like Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush, “Black Tunnel” takes us on a musical journey through Heddy Edwards’ darkly glittering psyche.

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