PEPTALK keeps it real with “Long Haul”


For fans of: HAIM, Remi Wolf, MUNA, Katy Perry circa 2010.

PEPTALK, your friendly neighborhood band, is two thirds queer, two thirds POC and three thirds female – Jay-Lee Kwan (keys), Lara Frew (bass), and Phoebe Sinclair (vocals). PEPTALK is providing representation where it is lacking and delicious tunes where needed. Today they deliver “Long Haul”. 

Gentle vocals and slinky guitar noodling pair well with the relatable lyrics to bring us by way of the group’s new EP Dumb Teen Heartache. “Long Haul” dictates the feelings of trying to make a romantic situation work when all signs point to “no”. 

“I thought i was in it for the long haul
And i felt stupid thinking you were too, just cus you said so”

Dating culture has become more complicated, but when those on the scene are open about their experiences, it becomes a more relatable endeavor. “Long Haul” represents a scenario we’ve almost all been in before – thinking things are progressing with a person of interest, only to realize they’ll drop you like a nickel when a dime walks in. Trust is a good thing, but it can be easy to trust too much in hopes of forming a romantic connection with someone feigning interest. PEPTALK does a great job of encapsulating this complexity in their coming-of-age anthem. 

“Sick of pretending like everything was fine
When nothing was fine”

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