Faunea Breaks Free from Society’s Expectations in “Forever”


Scandinavian alternative/indie artist Faunea has just released her empowering new single “Forever”. The track starts out describing what it was like for Faunea herself to break free, and then continues to encourage listeners to do the same. Faunea elaborates further:

“I wrote ‘Forever’ at a moment in my life when I truly felt like I had found myself and my purpose. I reflect on my journey to break free from the confining boxes of societal expectations that had held me back from discovering myself… Singing ‘Forever’ is my way of expressing a constant inner wish: that I’ll never lose the willpower and courage to believe in myself.”

The track starts off with some distorted and muffled background vocals before Faunea’s soft voice comes to the foreground, describing how she used to feel and how she’s now cutting ties. The pre-chorus is ushered in by a deep drum hit as she sings “but they don’t know me, they don’t care”. Choral background vocals build along with the punctuating drum hits as Faunea expresses that she’s no longer concerned about what others think.

A robotic and distorted version of her voice takes the stage over a silent background, adding emphasis to her words. A hopeful violin comes in as she expresses her desire to “stay like this forever” before the musical breakdown of synths and a muffled vocal melody. The repetition of lyrics here reinforces her determination.

The second verse begins with the toll of a bell and is driven along by punchy drum beats as Faunea has lyrically turned the tables. She now speaks directly to someone else, acknowledging their obvious desire to break free and encouraging them to join her in this pursuit. This is especially evident as the lyrics of the pre-chorus have changed to “they don’t know you, they don’t care”.

The chorus follows, with almost celestial-sounding elements adding more oomph to the message. The next breakdown is even harder than the first. More and more electronic elements get mixed in, creating a powerful but dreamy soundscape that becomes muffled and fades out at the end of the song.

In “Forever”, Faunea has created a wildly catchy electronic track that will have listeners hooked from the start. The way the song builds from the beginning of her journey to directly encouraging listeners to join her is a powerful way of connecting with her audience and lending listeners her own power.

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