Jerm Releases Relatable and Nostalgic New Single “ADIDAS”


Pop rock musician Jerm has just released his new single “ADIDAS”, which stands for “All Day I Dream About Stardom”. The 2000s-inspired pop punk track will give listeners a feeling of nostalgia and relate to anyone who dreams of making it big: Jerm wrote it one day while sitting at work thinking about this crazy dream of his and how he’d do anything to accomplish it.

The song starts off with upbeat guitars and drums, immediately plunging us into the musical era of the 2000s. Jerm’s voice is friendly and positive as he starts to sing about how he wants to stay true to himself and his dreams. There’s a subtle echo effect on the vocals that further adds to the nostalgic vibe.

The pre-chorus changes up the pace a bit before the chorus explodes in with background vocals and Jerm’s voice going up an octave. The instrumentals become more insistent as Jerm daydreams about “rocking out overseas” and how it’s driving him crazy that he’s not there yet.

The second verse starts off boldly and he has some musical surprises up his sleeve for the middle of it, emphasizing his point and keeping listeners on their toes.

The following chorus keeps the pace before we head into a funky instrumental bridge. We end the song with an energetic chorus and the repetition of the lyrics “on every day of every week”. A decisive guitar strum shows us out.

Jerm’s upbeat instrumentals along with his bold and in-your-face vocal delivery make this track a must-listen for anyone who loves this genre. We can really feel his longing to reach these big dreams, and the overall vibe will have listeners bopping along throughout the song.

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