Fresh Art softly questions sheep mentality with groovy “Hive Mind”


Fresh Art renews our senses and promotes individualistic ideas with a slinky little number “Hive Mind”.

This groovy track follows their August debut “Innocent Magnificent” and is reminiscent of Allah-Las, The Beatles and Mac DeMarco. Together, Frederik Christ and Richard Klink create the coolest psych rock jam of the season.

For a track focusing on the dangers of “groupthink”, it sure has collected a group of head boppers happy to jump in and follow the Dutch duo to the ends of the rainbow that “Hive Mind” paints. It brings forth the dichotomy of “I’m not following the crowd, I am just going where they are”. Do you really crave that PSL or are you conditioned to savoring it’s pumkpin-y deliciousness every September thru December? The song doesn’t necessarily attack the hive mentality, but it questions it softly.

Fresh Art is an experience, not just music. And the experience will continue with more singles dropping waterfall style to round out their upcoming four course EP.

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