Weekly Roundup: Nov 20


Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Caroline Romano – “girl in a china shop” With “girl in a china shop,” Caroline tells us how she is one walking contradiction. She delivers lines like, “I want the boys who don’t want me / Ignore the texts that I should read” and “I disappear to feel more seen,” showing the ways she challenges expectations. Before we get to the thrashy alt-rock choruses, she declares, “I am a lightweight / I am a daughter / I am a deadweight / I am a monster,” aware of the different personas she contains. In the end, she does what she can to maintain people and habits that should not be broken while also trying not to break herself.
– Christina Sloman


ill peach – “HUSH” The rage of “HUSH” is brought forth by situations causing survival mode and the fragility that war brings. “We wrote HUSH the week the war between Russia and Ukraine started. We felt this urge to write through the lens of devastation and loss, but at the same time reflect a message of rebellion, resilience and resistance,” says the band. “Sadly this song still feels so resonant because of whats going in Gaza. We call it our monster under the bed, the reckoning of the ugliness and the beauty of human nature.”
– Cass Faulding


Lenka – “Ultraviolet” There’s a beautiful, Björk-esque swagger dripping all over this song. One thing that sets it apart, however, is the heavy synthwave influence. Those trademark 8th note synthesizers give the song an undeniable kinetic power. A simplistic but powerful kick pattern is used. It’s not quite 4 on the floor because there’s an additional kick added, but this gives “Ultraviolet” a unique bounce. Embellishments from higher synthesizers add to the aura and ambiance of the song.
– Kobe Henderson


M’Lynn – “Better Me” This track is a powerful one as M’Lynn candidly examines her flaws and coping mechanisms throughout the verses and prays for a “better me” all the while. The emotions she describes are ones that will pull on the heartstrings of every listener, and this allows the song to become a sliver of hope for anyone who’s struggling to look inward and break their own unhealthy patterns.
– Brittany Muldoon


Hear the rest of our staff picks on the playlist!


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