Caroline Romano is a walking contradiction on “girl in a china shop”


Drifting back to July of this year, alt-pop artist Caroline Romano released A Brief Epic. The six-track EP was Caroline’s take on classic love stories in the modern age, touching on themes like heartbreak and self-discovery. With these songs, she continued her reputation as being the messy, relatable, and honest singer-songwriter we have come to know through her past releases. Giving us more of an idea of how she really views herself, Caroline is dropping “girl in a china shop.”

With “girl in a china shop,” Caroline tells us how she is one walking contradiction. She delivers lines like, “I want the boys who don’t want me / Ignore the texts that I should read” and “I disappear to feel more seen,” showing the ways she challenges expectations. Before we get to the thrashy alt-rock choruses, she declares, “I am a lightweight / I am a daughter / I am a deadweight / I am a monster,” aware of the different personas she contains. In the end, she does what she can to maintain people and habits that should not be broken while also trying not to break herself. You can check it out below.

About “girl in a china shop,” Caroline shares,

“I often feel like I break everything I touch. I’ve come to view myself as one major juxtaposition. One thing I’ve learned is that as life moves on, things get broken in the process. Whether it’s relationships, or my own heart, I’ve come to realize that it’s all too easy to shelter either one by my own hand. At times it’s left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and with my own footing. ‘girl in a china shop’ is my attempt at acknowledging that in a way that summarizes the chaotic feeling that is navigating myself and other’s emotions.”

You can listen to “girl in a china shop” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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