Camila Cabello Releases Two New Singles from Upcoming Album


Pink clouds, marble statues, golden keys?

For the past few days, Camila Cabello has been busy prepping for the opening of a new art exhibit.  In a video for this exhibit, we see the façade of a museum and are given the explanatory text, “a museum of loves and the stories they’ve left behind.  Welcome to the world of Romance.”  Camila followed up the teaser with a picture of one of the rooms in this museum that features two self-portraits amongst some Greek statues and a marble pillar.  This may not be an actual exhibit in an actual museum, but one thing is for sure:  the art she is about to share with us is very real.

In a long promo for her new project, Romance, Camila expresses her thoughts on love.  In doing so, she mentions that her views on art and love and life have all changed.  She thought that her songs used to be works of art, but realizes that her life is now the work of art and the songs are just ways to document that art.  She explains, “falling in love with life itself makes an artist out of everyone.”

Now, Camila is ready to let her music do the talking and has released two new singles from Romance.  The first, “Shameless,” is about wanting someone so much that you don’t care anymore if other people know about your feelings or not.  The second track, “Liar,” has a little bit of ska vibes and also deals with the topic of desire.  You can check them out below!

You can stream “Shameless” and “Liar” on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.

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