Caleb Hearn and ROSIE tap into the beauty of unconditional support on “Little Bit Better”


With artists like Caleb Hearn and ROSIE, anything is on the table. Both singer-songwriters have an “unfiltered” approach when it comes to their music, using candid lyrics to express themselves fully while getting through to others who may have similar thoughts and feelings. Their honesty and authenticity, heard on projects like Caleb’s 2023 EP, Birthdays & Funerals, and ROSIE’s 2023 EP, 5 Songs for Healing, not only tells us who these artists are musically but emotionally as well. Whether they are having good days or bad days, they find value in what they do and who they are, but as they tell us on their new single, things are always a “Little Bit Better” when the right people are around.

On this moody indie folk track, Caleb and ROSIE tap into the beauty of unconditional support. The song opens with Caleb, describing a girl he knows who “can be hurting, but she’s got enough love to fill up Tennessee.” Before we get to the chorus, we get a sense of how much Caleb cares for her, how he embraces the light and the dark in her. Later in the track, ROSIE shares her perspective on a boy who “can be laughing, but he’s got enough pain to fill up New York City.” Like Caleb, she feels for this boy and all his ups and downs, choosing to support him no matter what. In the choruses, both artists combine their tender vocals to sing, “I grew up thinking I would have to fight all of this alone / But now you hold me in the darkness, hold me ’til it hurts less,” making the pain easier to manage. It is all about being that strong person for the person who is strong in front of everyone else. You can check it out below.

Telling us about “Little Bit Better,” Caleb explains,

“Teaming up with ROSIE for this song was effortless. We started with the chorus, and it just clicked – we knew we had something special. Working with my go-to collaborators, Colin Foote and Alex Borel, was a no-brainer; they nailed it as always. The song highlights that one person who’s your constant pick-me-up, even when life throws its worst at you.”

ROSIE also shares,

“This song is about the one person that makes all of the heaviest times in life feel a little lighter. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a partner, we all deserve someone who is a ‘light’ in our lives, someone who makes every day a little bit better.”

You can listen to “Little Bit Better” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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