ROSIE celebrates where she is today on “Rock Bottom”


When it comes to honesty and being vulnerable with someone, ROSIE makes it look so easy. The ever-authentic singer-songwriter does not hide away from her emotions, whether she is describing her fears in singles like “Try Again” or trying to let someone go on “Lose Me Too.” Her fans are here to embrace all that she shares, which is why ROSIE is now at 3M monthly listeners on Spotify – her highest yet. Still, we know that it takes a lot to be so open, and on ROSIE’s new single, we learn where she finds the strength to share these parts of her life with others.

A comforting anthem, “Rock Bottom” encourages others to look at their struggles in a new light. Throughout the song, ROSIE explains how “the hardest times” and “the quiet tears” made her into the person she is today. With warm vocals, she sings, “I take a bad day and call it a blessing / I take a heartbreak and call it a lesson.” In the end, she claims, “Nothing looks bad / When you’ve seen rock bottom.” We can sense that she is grateful to have overcome such hard times, to have come back from hitting rock bottom, because now she knows her strength.

About “Rock Bottom,” ROSIE shares,

“‘Rock Bottom’ explains why I am the person I am today. I’ve overcome many hardships over the years, from grieving the loss of a dear friend to battling anxiety and depression, and this record recounts it all. More than anything, this song is about finding light within the darkness or, as I say in the song, realizing that ‘nothing looks bad when you’ve seen rock bottom.’”

You can listen to “Rock Bottom” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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