ROSIE explores the concept of starting over on sweeping “Next Life”


In October of last year, singer-songwriter ROSIE released her debut EP ‘20mg of Happiness,’ which was all about wanting “those who feel misunderstood to feel understood, and those who feel unseen to feel seen.”  It is very clear that ROSIE achieved her goal, as most of the tracks on the EP are either close to surpassing or have even surpassed one million streams.  Fans just cannot get enough of her unfiltered songs and lifestyle, where she focuses on embracing your true self rather than covering it up.  An advocate for protecting mental health and wellness as well, ROSIE is wasting no time following up her EP with the sweeping “Next Life,” which takes a closer look at starting over.

Containing singable melodies and gentle piano, “Next Life” is a gorgeous anthem that looks beyond our existence in this world.  While the verses are more downhearted and focus on the fear of never being able to get to a good place, the choruses bring forth a sense of hope.  Warmly, ROSIE sings, “Maybe in my next life, I can live my best life” and “Even in my hard times, I won’t let my dark side take over my mind,” acknowledging that doing your best is enough.  You can listen to it below.

Further explaining “Next Life,” ROSIE shared,

“‘Next Life’ is a complex song for me.  Though it is painfully heartbreaking, I wanted to add a sense of hope each time the chorus circles back, ‘Maybe in my next life, I can live my best life.’  This song evokes a wide range of emotions, but I hope that ultimately it sends the message: we’re all just human beings, doing our best to feel our best, whether it is in this life, or in our next life.”

You can listen to “Next Life” on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

You can also catch ROSIE supporting Chelsea Cutler on her North American tour, which kicks off on March 9.  Tickets can be found here.

Keep up with ROSIE:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube


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