Caleb Hearn announces debut album ‘Left on McKinney,’ releases new single


When Caleb Hearn gifts us with new music, he pulls from his heart and soul. He crafts songs that come from personal experience, shedding light on his fears or his relationships. Caleb’s singles so far this year have expanded on what we already know about him while also continuing to push his abilities as an artist. We heard about his struggles with panic disorder on “Klonopin,” for instance, a dark folk pop ballad that contrasted the more tender vibes of “Little Bit Better,” which had been released a few months prior. For “Little Bit Better,” Caleb teamed up with ROSIE to more effectively share what it means to have a strong and loving support system in your life. These releases have been building toward the release of Caleb’s upcoming debut album, Left on McKinney, set to drop September 6. The album will feature these singles, along with “Last Breath.”

The latest release from the album, “Last Breath” is a poetic piano ballad that beautifully details the love Caleb has for his fiancée. He openly summarizes their journey together, touching on moments that “made loving you easy” and major milestones they shared. Listeners will fall harder and farther with each lyric, especially in the choruses when we hear, “I wanna love you today and again / I wanna love you tomorrow and then / I wanna see where forever could end / Where it all ends / I wanna love you till I fall apart / I wanna walk with you into the dark / I wanna see where forever could end / I wanna love you / Until my last breath.” We can truly feel what Caleb holds in his heart on this song, and can easily imagine this being a special part of the soundtrack to his wedding day.

Working with Charlie Oriain, Colin Foote, and Alex Borel on “Last Breath,” Caleb shares,

“Alex Borel came up with a beautiful chord progression, and then the melodies came easily after that. I was heavily influenced by my own relationship with my fiancée, Michal Leah. I wanted to write a song that confessed this unconditional love for her and match it to a beautiful melody to complement that.”

“Last Breath” is the latest single from Caleb’s upcoming debut album, Left on McKinney. The album name is taken from the road where Caleb’s grandparents live, a place that offered comfort and safety to the young singer-songwriter over the years. With these songs, he hopes to offer the same comfort to listeners as they hear about love, hope, and the overwhelming aspects of growing up and finding yourself.

Caleb will be heading out on tour in September, making stops in cities like Salt Lake City, Denver, and Chicago. Tickets will go on sale Friday, July 12th, at 10:00 a.m. local time.

Check out our latest interview with Caleb here.

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