Zoe Ko Searches Los Angeles for “DIRT”


New York native Zoe Ko‘s latest single, “DIRT,” captivates with its raw energy and authentic reflection on her love for the grit and unpolished reality of her hometown. Drawing inspiration from her transition to Los Angeles, Zoe expresses nostalgia for NYC’s hustle and unique character, contrasting it with LA’s polished veneer. If you’ve spent time in the two cities – you understand this narrative.

“When I moved to LA I missed all the grit and dirt NYC had. I missed its rawness and the people in it. Though this is an exaggeration, I found myself surrounded by more girlies in lulu lemon outfits and drinking Hailey Beiber smoothies in their snazzy cars than ever before. There was a fakeness and showiness to this city that I wasn’t used to.”

Somehow, Ko, who performed late last year at The Echo with KiNG MALA, somehow missed all the dirt and grime around the venue. Dare we thank the Echo Park Trash Club?

Ko, who made waves in 2023 with “Baby Teeth,” continues to share stories of the female experience mixed with raw, gritty empowerment. Her work, including standout tracks like “Pink Noise,” showcases her dynamic range, from vulnerability to fierce energy, all while maintaining a flirtatious charm that’s become her signature. She has also had collaborations with artists like Catie Turner and UPSAHL, and Katie Henderson from The Aces.

Raised on a mix of Gwen Stefani, Paramore, and Wet Leg, Ko’s music is a testament to her adaptability and creative vision. “DIRT,” highlights her evolution as an artist and individual, embracing new environments while staying true to her roots. Ko is indeed the “cheeky rockstar” of our time, promising even more groundbreaking work as her career progresses.

“I’d like to say, now living in LA for 7 months I actually love it here lol. And when I wrote this song I was being a bit insane, dramatic, and homesick HAHAAH”

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