Weekly Roundup: March 25


Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Lauren Sanderson – “THEY WON’T LIKE THIS” This track, reminiscent of P!NK’s style, urges listeners to embrace their unique identities. “I’m defying expectations with every note,” Sanderson sings defiantly, capturing the essence of “THEY WONT LIKE THIS.” “For too long, I’ve contorted myself to fit others’ ideals. But true fulfillment lies in embracing every facet of my identity, unapologetically. I can be sweet, inked, and clad in baggy clothes while making music that speaks to my soul. There’s power in authenticity.”
– Victoria Goodwin


Zoe Ko – “DIRT” New York native Zoe Ko‘s latest single, “DIRT,” captivates with its raw energy and authentic reflection on her love for the grit and unpolished reality of her hometown. Drawing inspiration from her transition to Los Angeles, Zoe expresses nostalgia for NYC’s hustle and unique character, contrasting it with LA’s polished veneer. If you’ve spent time in the two cities – you understand this narrative.
– Cass Faulding


Kacey Fifield – “Left Behind” This track addresses a theme that listeners will be all too familiar with: fear of a big change looming ahead and moving forward anyway. While the lyrics address these common anxieties, the music is sunny and upbeat, a contrast Fifield uses to represent the “catharsis of finally letting go” of these fears.
– Brittany Muldoon


Lily Lane – “Burn It Down” We all love a good villain era, but sometimes it’s a soft girl in disguise — or is it the other way around? Lane shared that “Burn It Down” is an ode for the bird girls and captures both spirits of one woman simultaneously, making the song both effortless and iconic in and of itself.
– Clare Gehlich


Hear the rest of our staff picks on the playlist!


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