Vilhelm Buchaus Breaks Hearts With “Together”


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Lizzy McAlpine and Bob Strait, Vilhelm Buchaus releases his final track of the year, “Together.” The song is slow and heart-wrenching and very moody.

2023 has been a detrimental year for the Swedish artist. His debut single “First Cut” dropped in April and has since delivered “Take Me To The Moon,” “Nothing At All,” and “All In Vain.”

“Through my music, I want to share what I’m going through in a way that others can relate to – the same way that artists before me have done the same for me. I also need to write about things I think about constantly. And as long as I am true to myself in what I write about, I hope others can recognize themselves in my songs.”

“Together” is the perfect example of that as he releases his emotions regarding a breakup, something we can all relate to. Filled with beautiful piano arrangements, heartbreaking vocals and relatable lyrics, “Together” sits well on both breakup and inspirational playlists.

“The song is about trying to move on after losing something close. About feeling lonely and at the same time wondering what could have been done differently.”

While his Spotify page may be fresh in 2023, his career began at the age of 6 when he picked up a homemade guitar. Since then, he has developed his songwriting skills and tells stories of his own coming-of-age life experiences. “Together” is written and produced in collaboration with Isac Halldin.

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