Carla Patullo Captivates Hotel Café


Los Angeles based composer Carla Patullo took the stage at Hollywood’s Hotel Café last night. Patullo is a composer at Soundry Studio and is passionate about advancing inclusion for women, immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community.

Her album So She Howls earned her a spot on the GRAMMY nominations list for the Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant (formerly Best New Age Album). Familiar artists who have previously won this category include Enya, Peter Gabriel and George Winston. If Patullo wins, she will be the first openly gay person to ever take home the award.

In addition to her recent GRAMMY nom, Patullo’s accomplishments include composing music for over 30 films, including Disney+ film and HBO Max Latino film “My Name Is Maria De Jesus.”

In a life changing moment, Patullo’s cancer diagnosis is what prompted So She Howls. The album was written and recorded while Patullo received treatment and is a true testament to Patullo’s strength, talent, and dedication. Her pain is felt throughout the album as equally as her triumph and healing.

“I began thinking it was going to be my last album. I began writing it as a way to get out of bed in the morning. It’s amazing to be able to finish it. I really feel that with this project. I’m so grateful to all the musicians who helped carry it.”

A Carla Patullo composition is a sonic experience like no other. Her passion and soul come through with each note as she expresses her pain, her triumph and her perseverance. Patullo began the set with melodic keys and soulful harmonies before being joined on stage by Emer, Tonality and Lili Hayden.

As she poured herself into her music before the filled venue, she shared the inspiration for “And Love.” While going through cancer treatment, Patullo describes I could feel the presence of people who have passed on around me and it reminded me that they’re here. They’re with you.”

Preparing the stage and the audience for Patullo and company was Matt B, fellow GRAMMY-nominated singer. Her performed songs off his album ALKEBULAN with a four-piece band and filled the room with energy, love and the feeling of liberation. Pianist Darryl was all but transcended into the clouds during the performance and kept the crowd moving on the dance floor and in their seats.

Last night’s performance brought eleven incredibly talented musicians to the stage throughout the night and was an impressive evening to experience.

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