Ajeet weaves a gorgeous sonic tapestry with “Water and Sky”


Ajeet isn’t afraid to draw from every influence in her sphere. The artist’s band boasts members from Ireland, Spain, and the U.S., and incorporates African and Latin percussion in addition to traditional Irish folk music and meditative instrumentation. You may question how this works together, but after listening to her latest single, “Water and Sky,” we are happy to report that the answer is “very well.”

The track, featuring UK-based singer/songwriter Sam Garrett, weaves a beautiful sonic tapestry of subtle instrumentals and gorgeous vocal harmonies to create a powerful, emotional impact. “Open the door to me my friend/ I’m waiting here/ My heart is open soft again / I’m waiting here,” Ajeet begins, almost cooing her lines, effectively tugging at the listener’s heartstrings. Slowly the song builds from there, incorporating more sounds while the vocalists sing together, “It is the ocean that I crave.” There aren’t many words to this track, and yet the ones that are present speak volumes and better serve the song than if it were lyrically dense. It calls to mind such artists as Damien Rice, The Head and The Heart, and even Enya.

Listen to the song for yourself below.


You can listen to “Water and Sky” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Ajeet: Instagram // Facebook // Website

Keep up with Sam Garrett: 
Instagram // Facebook //Website


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