The Jürgen Clubs talks mental health with “Daddy Was A Player”


Up-and-comers The Jürgen Clubs keep us groovin’ with “Daddy Was a Player,” a funky new jam riddled with complex father issues, slinky basslines and gritty, dry vocals.

Self described as jacuzzi rock, the Danish band brings forth awkward pop drizzled with unabashed insecurities. “Bubblelicious indie music” drizzled with dark messages and comedic relief sprinkles.

With a question only The Jürgen Clubs can truly answer, the song is dedicated lead singer Magnus Grilstad’s late father and somehow begs the question “What are you hiding in your underwear drawer?

Grilstad shares his story: “My dad passed away unexpectedly when I was just 16. He was a wonderful, eccentric, and fantastic guy – and also quite a ladies’ man. My dad had bipolar disorder, which sometimes made him do things that all of us around him couldn’t comprehend. After he passed, we had to go through all his stuff, and as me being the older brother, I was assigned to go through his computer where I found an extended version of the so-called ‘little black book’ and a photo folder full of spicy pictures of all the women in his life.”

“Daddy Was A Player” is a tribute to quirky relationships, mental health. As Grilstad describes the song and the impact of his father’s bipolar disorder “it personally shows in my need for validation, a hunt for a youthful lifestyle, and being naturally drawn to a more chaotic and unstructured daily life. Parts of me that I sometimes wish I would be without.”

“Daddy Was a Player” was recorded and produced with Søren Buhl (Brimheim, Guldimund, BlaueBlume, and more) and is the band’s 3rd single of the year. Do I smell an EP or album drop in the near future? The Jürgen Clubs has promised a slew of new releases in 2024, so keep your ears open!

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