Lauren Sanderson Embraces Individuality on “THEY WONT LIKE THIS”



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Lauren Sanderson, rule-breaking and genre-bending artist who graced the cover of Melodic Mag in 2021, is back with a new anthem for self-expression. “THEY WONT LIKE THIS” produced by KThrash (with Avril Lavigne, Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly), channels spirit of authenticity. Sanderson acknowledges that being true to oneself may not always garner approval. As the first release of 2024, this track serves as a teaser for Sanderson’s upcoming third studio album.

Sanderson shares, “Sometimes we don’t realize how many people we are trying to be in life. Wanting to be liked and understood all the time will have you living in 100 different brains and bodies at once. I can’t be the only one who feels like I have to fight to find my most authentic self – but the truth is it’s not my responsibility to adapt to other people’s judgments. All I can do is be myself & trust the universe will do the rest.” 

This track, reminiscent of P!NK’s style, urges listeners to embrace their unique identities. “I’m defying expectations with every note,” Sanderson sings defiantly, capturing the essence of “THEY WONT LIKE THIS.” “For too long, I’ve contorted myself to fit others’ ideals. But true fulfillment lies in embracing every facet of my identity, unapologetically. I can be sweet, inked, and clad in baggy clothes while making music that speaks to my soul. There’s power in authenticity.”

Since her debut album Midwest Kids Can Make It Big four years ago, Sanderson has evolved her sound and persona. From supporting acts like FINNEAS and Chase Atlantic, Sanderson’s influence spans across genres, earning accolades from MTV, Billboard, PAPER, and more.

Stream “THEY WONT LIKE THIS” on Spotify or Apple Music, now.

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