Lily Lane embodies feminist pop in “Burn It Down”


Lily Lane - "Burn It Down" single art

Lily Lane is feminist pop at its finest: vulnerable, messy and best of all — gritty. “Burn It Down,” her first release of 2024, follows past singles like the heartfelt ballad “Where Have You Been All My Life” and deliberately bold “Throne,” her latest release last year. 

“Burn It Down” embodies the essence of a fearless warrior mixed with a tender soul. It’s empowering, emotionally gripping and impactful. She sings, “I love you so much, but I also know who I am, and if you choose to walk away, I will light a fire to everything we have built and start over because I have the strength to do that too.”

We all love a good villain era, but sometimes it’s a soft girl in disguise — or is it the other way around? Lane shared that “Burn It Down” is an ode for the bird girls and captures both spirits of one woman simultaneously, making the song both effortless and iconic in and of itself.

“This song is about being a badass powerful woman and having the strength to start wars and burn down cities but instead using that strength to be vulnerable and find love and give it all to someone.”

The soul-infused pop-rock anthem lifts women’s spirits, reminding them not to put up with things they should never have to deal with.

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