Kayla DiVenere explores Americana complexities in new single “Blue Jean Baby”


Rising pop star and actress Kayla DiVenere has unveiled her latest single “Blue Jean Baby. At first, it appears to be a straightforward love song set against a classic Americana backdrop. However, there is much more beneath the surface as DiVenere explores the deep contradictions and complexities of American culture, turning what might typically be a simple romantic story into an interesting commentary.

Last time, Melodic Mag spoke to DiVenere about her single “Small Talk,” a blend of modern pop and a coming-of-age love story. At 20 years old, she has crafted unique tracks such as “Justin Bieber” and “Megan Fox.” Now, Divenere discusses her inspiration behind her latest single “Blue Jean Baby” with us, and teases what’s to come.

What was the main inspiration behind “Blue Jean Baby”?

The main inspiration behind “Blue Jean Baby” was this vintage americana sound & theme I wanted to chase. I think old americana is so nostalgic, and I love how everyone can automatically connect to something so classic.

Your lyrics really delve into American symbolism and identity. Can you share a bit about how those themes came about while you were writing the song?

As I was writing “Blue Jean Baby”, it started as a romance song for an American Boy, but at that point, I was kinda sick of writing love songs…I wanted something deeper than that and thought it could be cool to add nuances and symbolisms of old American history and beliefs. “Blue Jean Baby” speaks about a love for an American boy through surface level, but touches on blindly following and believing an entity more powerful than us. “I’ll do whatever that you want just like your soldier, come wipe away what came before you. I don’t want her… I see your stars I go blind”.

I’ve noticed you’ve named tracks like “Justin Bieber” and “Megan Fox.” What’s the story behind choosing names for your songs? Was there something specific that inspired those choices?

I think it’s so fun to write music with crazy song titles. Personally, I know that when I’m scrolling through Spotify, the coolest titles always make me click on a song. With my celebrity songs, I drew inspiration from Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw”. I  loved the idea of singing an ode to someone, or even just slyly mentioning them… Justin Bieber was a no brainer, I’ve been a belieber ever since I could remember and I had so much inspiration behind the writing process of that song.

You’re known for blending classic rock with different genres. How do you see your music evolving since your first single, “Justin Bieber”?

“Justin Bieber” came out when I was first experimenting with different sounds, trying to see where I fit in and felt most honest… With that being said, it can definitely be a little weird to experiment with the world watching simultaneously. I’ve grown a lot with my music, changed sounds, and found what worked best for me, and I think the evidence is very apparent through the evolution of my singles. Instead of listening to what other people thought I should make, I finally fell into self trust and honesty, and lately, I’ve been making my favorite music yet 🙂

Now that “Blue Jean Baby” is out in the world, what’s next for you? Any cool projects or collaborations on the horizon that you’re excited about?

Definitely lots more music and live shows coming your way this year 🙂 I’m so excited to have everyone listen to the songs I work so hard on!!

Lastly, what do you hope people take away from your music, especially with a track like “Blue Jean Baby”?

I hope that people can feel a little different after listening to my music. Whether it’s feeling less alone, a mood boost, or a vibe change, I hope that I can make everyone’s daily lives just a little bit better.

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Clare Gehlich
Clare Gehlich
Clare is a recent Stony Brook University graduate, holding a BA in Journalism. She was a journalism intern at Melodic for the spring 2024 semester and currently serves as the album coordinator and is a freelance writer for the magazine.

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