Francisco Martin - "Jekyll N Hyde"

Francisco Martin explores the dual nature of love in indie-alt song “Jekyll N Hyde”

Francisco Martin - "Jekyll N Hyde"

The human mind can be delicate sometimes, especially when standing at the crossroads of knowing what you want in life. As women, we often struggle with who we are — and who we are to the male gaze. It often feels like two personalities are fighting one another, like an angel and a devil on both shoulders. Some think it’s the “Gemini Effect”; in his latest single, Francisco Martin explores this dichotomy as he realizes that the girl he is falling in love with is not truly one but two. Martin’s track “Jekyll N Hyde” captures this devil and angel dynamic going through the mind of the girl he’s in love with.

Martin finished as one of the top five finalists during the 18th season of the widely televised singing competition “American Idol,” effectively launching Martin into the musical stratosphere. Initially recognized for his singer-songwriter and acoustic pop sound, Martin is now exploring the indie-alt genre.

“Jekyll N Hyde” is a uniquely indie track layered with Martin’s velvety vocals and is immediately captivating, drawing listeners in with his signature electric guitar, infusing elements of R&B. The pre-chorus introduces the concept of two polar opposites colliding, but the struggle to save the girl he loves is imminent. He sings, “We’re like Joker and Harley / Jekyll N Hyde / You try to control the thoughts that contaminate your mind.” Despite the challenges, he makes it known that these uncertainties do not deter him from sticking around during the track’s chorus, “But I don’t give a f*** / As long as we love and it feels like heaven / I don’t need much.”

Expanding on his image as a singer-songwriter with a distinctive indie-alt edge, “Jekyll N Hyde” proves that Martin is here to stay. Instead of fading away, he is ready to take on the indie-alt genre, pushing the boundaries by incorporating experimental R&B sounds in his continuous search for romance and personal identity.

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