PEPTALK finds comfort in vulnerability with latest single “Forrest”


PEPTALK - "Forrest"

PEPTALK is the peptalk you need, even when it can be hard to hear. The Australia-based female group consists of Phoebe Sinclair (lead vocals), Lara Frew (bass) and Jay-Lee Kwan (keys), providing this comfortable yet confident musical atmosphere that makes you want to get up and dance. Sinclair, Frew and Kwan are all song-songwriters, having written for artists in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, South Korea and more. Their newest single, “Forrest,” follows their latest collaboration with Australian artist and producer L D R U — also known as Drew Carmody — on his track “Alone Again” as well as songs “urs” and “Long Haul.”

PEPTALK’s “Forrest” opens with soft chimes layered by soft vocals, which are induced with added vocalizations and lively drums. Throughout the track, PEPTALK showcases an understanding of long-term relationship dynamics, layered by subtle synths that create this unique indie-alternative sound that makes you want to rewind. The song’s production easily compliments the emotional vocals; it plays into the movie, “Forrest Gump” and the character’s commitment to Jenny, “Forrest’s” infectious production and carefree melodies are intimate yet abstract in a way that creeps up on you. “Forrest” is a listening experience that makes you feel like you are on an episode of “Euphoria,” inviting us to repeat.

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