Dune Moss is breaking societal and gender norms in “I Am My Own”


Dune Moss - "I Am My Own"

Dune Moss is on her own in this fight for empowerment and defiance. In the creative chaos of her family, her musical journey began through vocal classical training at 12. She learned how to play the accordion at 15, resulting in this exploration into her songwriting. 

Confined spaces are hard pills to swallow, especially as a woman in society’s patriarchy, but without that breadth of air a detriment, loneliness is better than anything sometimes. Her most recent track, “I Am My Own,” opens with a bass line that exudes an air of mystery that you often cannot find in contemporary indie music. Moss’ accordion playing and dark, minimalistic voice both take center stage throughout this song, laying over big synths and unique drums. 

“I’ve never written a song that feels as empowering as this one,” Moss said. “The meaning reflects my experiences as a woman and is my cry to take back my sovereignty.”

During the first verse, Moss speaks to controlling men who feel they have some power over women’s bodies, specifically. She sings, “I won’t give to you, not my soul to you.” The darkness of the song is perfectly capitalized by the lyrical premise about female empowerment in the face of patriarchy and male dominance, but Moss stated that she “still [has] real fears being a woman in our patriarchal society.”

“With men deciding what I can and can’t do with my body they are literally dealing with my blood, and I will protest the rights to own my own body,” she added. “I am on the journey of no longer allowing the outer authority of patriarchy to paint my lines but instead taking back my brush of sovereignty.

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