Maudlin Strangers drives through rainy reflections in “Silver Stain”


Maudlin Strangers - "Silver Stain" - Band promo

Maudlin Strangers is no “stranger” to the music scene, since its inception in 2010. Now, after a six-year hiatus, the band released two singles “I’m Not In The Right Mind” and “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine” — the latter which was released in January 2024.

With old-school member Jake Hayes, Maudlin Strangers has returned with Alexander Morgan (keys and guitar), Drew Bruchs (bass) and Richie Gonzalez (drummer); they released their latest track “Silver Stain” on March 28. “Silver Stain” involves an eerie feeling of driving down a long rainy road through a hypnotic lens. The song is also accompanied by their opening show for Halo Kitsch at the Virgil, celebrating the single’s release. 

“Silver Stain” continues Maudlin Strangers’ exciting fresh chapter, showcasing their indie-rock sound post-hiatus, with continued spirit for the genre that seems to be floating away from us. Lyrics like “like a silver stain / you won’t go away” and “Why’d you have to go out and change me? / I wish I wasn’t someone you know” suggest themes of lingering memories that persistently haunt the band. It’s this lasting mark — a stain — that can’t be easily removed.

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