Maudlin Strangers return with a bang with new single ‘I’m Not In The Right Mind’


After a six-year hiatus, Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Maudlin Strangers is back with a bang. The band’s much-anticipated single, “I’m Not In The Right Mind”, is a fusion of heavy rock riffs that echo the style of Queens of the Stone Age and exude a coolness akin to Arctic Monkeys. The track also boasts an exceptional bass solo towards the end, making it one of the standout moments in the song.

Maudlin Strangers, originally the brainchild of L.A native Jake Hays, started as a solo indie rock project in 2010. With a penchant for creating eclectic dark indie rock, Jake Hays quickly gained attention and accolades from music enthusiasts and critics alike.

Over the years, Maudlin Strangers evolved into a full-fledged band, comprised of close friends and fellow musicians who shared Jake’s passion for creating exceptional music. The band lineup, featuring Jeff Lehrer on Guitar/Keys, Kenny Benson on Bass, and Richie Gonzales on Drums, found their niche and signed with BMG/Vagrant Records.

The hiatus in 2016, while disheartening for fans, was not the end of the road for Maudlin Strangers. Fast forward to 2023, and the band has emerged from hibernation, revitalized, and ready to captivate audiences once again.

With their triumphant return, Maudlin Strangers introduces a new lineup of close friends and original member Richie Gonzales on Drums. Joining him are Alexander “Schmorgle” Morgan on Guitar/Keys and Drew Bruchs on Bass. This fresh configuration brings new energy and creativity to the band, setting the stage for exciting and innovative music in the years to come.

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