Marianna Winter unveils self-empowering anthem “People Pleaser”


Image credit: Aleksandra Milanovic

We all know some people pleasers in our lives and if you can’t think of anyone like that, then maybe you fall into that category yourself… But don’t worry, Marianna Winter has a song for you. This year, the artist decided to incorporate a new word into her vocabulary: ‘no’. She used to find herself agreeing to everything, but this often resulted in her attention and well-being being spread too thin, both in her professional and personal relationships. Her new objective inspired her to create this song, aiming to empower fellow people pleasers to care a little less about what others think.

Hailing from the Faroe Islands, Marianna Winter stands out as one of the few female artists who are pioneering the lo-fi underground music scene. Blending gritty, yet catchy pop melodies, Winter challenges the musical and cultural status quo of her homeland by infusing her sound with a touch of LA heat. Born and raised between California and Tórshavn, her unique perspective bridges the gap between Nordic and American influences, resulting in a captivating sonic experience.

Winter draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Lennon Stella, Daniel Caesar, Joesef, UMI, and Mahalia. Her sound can be compared to notable artists such as SZA, Kehlani, and Alina Baraz. By fusing soulful elements with pop sensibilities, she found her distinctive musical identity that sets her apart from others.

Her latest track “People Pleaser” serves as a confessional record that exposes the challenges faced by individuals who constantly put others’ needs before their own. Winter’s raw and unapologetic approach highlights the importance of self-reflection and setting boundaries. The song’s lo-fi, smokey hook creates an atmospheric backdrop for Winter’s powerful vocals, which snap with empowerment and independence.

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