Zoe Ko rocks feminine rage with “Pink Noise”


If you’re a sucker for edgy, alt femme pop – I present you with “
Pink Noise”, the latest from Zoe Ko. What is pink noise, exactly? 

It’s an aesthetic
you’re gonna watch me go from calm to uncollected
I won’t even have a choice
It’s the only way to think

Ko coins the term “Pink Noise” to help identify the feeling of rage, power-dynamic and control tied to the feminine experience. 

But it’s a pretty little prison
To be a girl and have opinions

Under glitter, there’s rage
There’s just no other way to make them listen

Throughout history, each generation of women has faced similar or new challenges. In 2020’s women are bombarded and raised in the age of social media where the pressures and standards on appearances are higher than ever. Silently screaming on the inside… “ says Ko. While we see advances in some areas, we see backtracking in others. Ko encapsulates how isolating and disheartening it can be in an industry as male-dominated as entertainment.

“Pink Noise” helps elevate Zoe Ko as a leader in the edgy alt pop genre with electric guitar, catchy lyrics, edgy vocals and a modern take on rock ‘n’ roll.

The New York pop star is only just beginning to show us what she’s capable of at a young 22 years of age. She’s already amassed an impressive 2.5 million streams and has comfortably sat on many of Spotify’s top playlists. “Pink Noise” comes as the focus track for EP Baby Teeth, which contains some of your favorite Ko tracks “Petri Dish”, “Baby Teeth“, “Rib Cage” and “Tangerine”.

For fans of: KiNG MALA, Slayyyter, Olivia Rodrigo, Gwen Stefani

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