Lauge Heebøll longs for more with “Higher Love”


For fans of: HAIM, Bleachers, Mt. Joy, Jelani Aryeh

Lauge Heebøll delivers rooftop jam “Higher Love” just in time to cure your upcoming seasonal depression. This is his third, and perhaps most dance-worthy, single as a solo artist, following “Set You On Fire” and “Happy Girl”. 

The 80’s synth-inspired solo artist may also be recognizable as the drummer for Danish band SILQUE. Breaking out as a solo artist has provided Heebøll with the opportunity to exercise more artistitc freedom while challenging his mental effort: 

‘I very often enter a therapeutic state of mind, when I work. I can forget about myself, and at the same time get closer to who I am. I work a lot with my voice as an extra instrument that opens doors to other personas. An exploration that allows me to distance myself, while at the same time be confronted with my different sides.’

“Higher Love” allows for interpretation of the love of getting high versus an intense, elevated love. “feeling caught up in this higher love / Your kiss it hit me like the perfect drug” Heebøll wrote the track during a time where he felt completely alone and longed for love. 

“I felt lost during that time. I felt lonely and scared because I actually didn’t dare to believe that I could handle love,” Lauge explains, “meaning that I had previously ruined relationships simply because my fear of losing my partner overshadowed all the good.”

The deeper message of the song paired with the upbeat energy provides an instant and addictive jam reminiscent of the 80’s. Give the song a listen or 5 and add to all your favorite playlists! 

Keep up with Lauge Heebøll: Instagram | Spotify


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