Jet Vesper and Ona Mafalda keep it real with “What About Us?”


Jet Vesper teams up with Ona Mafalda for a sexy new single “What About Us?

A sultry intro that leads into a track combining all the best notes from Glass Animals, Winston Surfshirt, Genesis Owusu and Anderson. Paak. Sonically, the track takes you on an intentional journey crossing multiple genres while keeping you locked in. Just when I expect the song to break it down and lean uptempo, Ona Mafalda’s smokey vocals sneak in to slow things down. I’ve never wanted to choreograph a song more.

Breaking it down to the lyrics, Jet and Ona capture the garbage bag disaster of dating in the modern, post-apocalyptic world yet they make the concept of dating more palatable with the song’s sultry, feel-good energy.

“We could be –
All the things –
Could’ve been –
Never had –
All the things -“

An array of unfinished sentences and incomplete thoughts, similar to dating someone when things get cut short and you don’t get the chance to give it your all before the other person times out.

If your dating life is on fire, you can find solace with “What About Us?” as you light your candles and burn away the travesty of your last situationship. This is your sign to ignore cuffing season, and spend your time being wooed by a playlist instead of another waste of three months trying to gain someone’s affections.

Keep up with Jet Vesper: Instagram | Spotify

Keep up with Ona Mafalda: Instagram | Spotify


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