Joonas’ “Lying On My Back” is a reflection of love and longing


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London-based, Norwegian born artist Joonas released his single “Lying On My Back” on April 11, revolving around themes of heartbreak, longing and turmoil. This upbeat indie-pop track is fast despite the pain that endures. The song is a reflection of a past relationship where Joonas felt overwhelmed by his emotions and the memories he shared with his ex. Finding it difficult to move on, Joonas constantly finds himself drawn back to them.

“I’ve been cheated on. But I didn’t want to write a sad ballad about it – especially when the sex was so good! ‘Lying On My Back’ is an escapist, playful pop track about loving and hating at the same time,” Joonas said.

Joonas is vulnerable and confused, feeling like he’s “falling apart” and unable to resist his past love. He sings, “No, I can’t shake this feeling / I didn’t know when you used to hold me / You’re not the one,” capturing this lingering attraction and pain. He struggles to find happiness without his ex with lines like “Serotonin’s replacing / All the spaces you had created in my heart.”

Even when you go through pain, there’s still a desire to crawl back to someone you love; there’s a temptation, a complexity and certainty and longing. Maybe we wonder: why? Joonas is crossed between moving on and letting go in his reflective track “Lying On My Back.”

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