YI supports his girlfriend in “You’ll Be Okay”


YI - "You'll Be Okay"

Los Angeles-born and Texas-raised artist YI has released his electronically-influenced track “You’ll Be Okay.” The song lightly opens with acoustic guitar strumming before it’s infused with a more upbeat sound accompanied by a drum beat, where YI details a game that is rigged against the other person, his girlfriend. He wanted to write a song for his girlfriend while she went through a point in her life, providing her a sense of ease amidst life’s stress and frustrations.

In the chorus, “When it feels like things won’t go in your direction, baby / Let me take you home/ You’ll be okay / Things will be the way that they need to.”

Also a member of the band, Beatnik Bandits, as a vocalist and musician, YI’s musical style blends traditional harmonic progressions with electronic-jazz infused melodies and chords.

“‘Things will work out the way they’re supposed to’” which, for me, helped me process a lot of my unease and stress. I wanted to let her know the same and that things will turn out okay, and that’s how I was inspired to write this.”

“You’ll Be Okay” follows his typical trajectory, focusing on sensitivity and introspective lyrics.

While relatively new to the music industry, YI has expanded his presence throughout Texas, gaining traction in major venues in San Marcos, Austin and San Antonio.

Keep up with YI: Instagram // Spotify // X // TikTok // Website


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