the boys are back: boygenius take over Boston for two sold out nights at MGM Fenway


The boys are indeed back and better than ever. The ‘boys’ being supergroup boygenius who consists of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker. They have all been on worldwide domination ever since releasing their second studio album ‘The Record’ earlier this year in March. ‘The Record’ is a raw emotional masterpiece of an album that is one of their best works yet. Their 2018 self titled EP was also a magnificent work of art so we knew the next record would be even better, and that it is.

Now the boys have been headlining their own sold out shows across the country over the summer and have embarked on a continuation of ‘The Tour’ which made two stops in Boston at MGM Music Hall at Fenway. Both shows were very sold out and night one saw a surprise appearance from Hozier to sing ‘Salt in The Wound’ with boygenius, and the announcement of their new EP ‘The Rest’. It was a crazy night. We didn’t know how night two could top the first night but it sure did.

The night got off to a great start thanks to a wonderful performance from Palehound. They got the crowd dancing early on and the vibes were electric. After their performance the stage was set for boygenius to take the stage. Their fans are super devoted and some were waiting outside since the morning for a chance to see the boys up close. The line for the show was insane as it wrapped around the venue and onto the next street. the excitement was at an all time high for the boys and you could feel everyones electric energy radiating through the area. They were ready for the boys and so were we.

The time was 9:15 and it was finally time for boygenius to take the stage. Before they came out “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy played to screams from the crowd because that was the signal they were about to hit the stage. “Without You Without Them” was the first song they kicked off with, which was entirely sung backstage as it showed the three together on the big screen. Then the beginning notes of “$20” started playing and out ran the boys to enormous screams from the crowd. You almost couldn’t hear them with how loud the screams were it was ground breaking. They played a superb set of songs from ‘The Record’ as well as their self titled EP. Most notably they also play a trio of each of thier own songs as individual artists. Phoebe played ‘Graceland Too’, Lucy with ‘Please Stay’, and Julien with ‘Favor‘. They also surprised the crowd with the live debut of ‘Afraid of Heights’ off of the new EP ‘The Rest’ . The crowd was going crazy all night and it was sure a night to remember. During the last song ‘Salt in The Wound’ both Phoebe and Lucy crowd surfed and chaos ensued. It was such a special night and one the boys will sure not forget.


Photos taken by Erin Crowley

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